Attitudes coffee table

Designed by MVRDV
Unique piece
Ø80 x H35 cm

Production available upon request
Made in Belgium
Estimated production time: 8 weeks

The High Profile / Low Table complements MVRDV’s monograph, embodying its essence of design with Attitude. The table is conceived as an additional entry in the High Profile luminaire collection, designed in collaboration with and produced by Delta Light. The table demonstrates the versatility of High Profile’s reuse concept, taking leftover aluminium profiles – scrap elements produced in the manufacture of other luminaires – to create a new product. In the new model, a dense cluster of raw, untreated components in white, black, grey, and gold form a low table configuration. With a flip of a switch, lights hidden inside the structure illuminate the room with a gentle glow, highlighting the utilitarian beauty of the aluminium profiles in their various shapes. Captured by Pim Top.

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