Attitudes: MVRDV


Edited by Hans Ibelings, Jan Knikker, Jacob van Rijs, Nanne de Ru
With essays by Joann Plockova, Hans Ibelings and Tim Abrahams
Graphic design by Lisa Brustolin

hardcover, 22,5 x 29 cm, 344 pages

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-832860-1-3

The architects of MVRDV couple a clever conceptual approach with a refined sense of space, material and colour. Covering twenty-five recent realizations in Europe, Asia and North America, this book highlights the diversity of atmospheres of MVRDV’s recent architecture and the variety of attitudes it exudes, from chic to cool to comforting and much more.



Tim Abrahams

is a British-based architectural critic and writer. He is a contributing editor to the US magazine Architectural Record, covering northern Europe, and host of the podcast Superurbanism.

Hans Ibelings

is a Dutch architectural historian in Montreal. He is the author of a number of books on modern and contemporary architecture and teaches at the University of Toronto.

Joann Plockova

has been writing about architecture and design for more than a decade. Based between Prague and Florida, her bylines include The New York Times, Monocle and Architectural Digest, among others.


Jan Knikker

is a partner and director of Strategy at MVRDV and brings over a decade of experience from OMA/Rem Koolhaas and a background in journalism. He is an influential voice in urban transformation and regeneration, and authored the RIBA-bestseller “How To Win Work,” bridging the gap between architects and marketing.

Jacob van Rijs

is the ‘VR’ of MVRDV, a founding partner and principal architect known for his bold and user-friendly concepts. He combines his role at MVRDV with a professorship at the Technical University of Berlin, and has co-authored works such as “Farmax: Excursions on Density” and the architectural monograph “MVRDV Buildings.”

Isabel Pagel

is a PR Manager at MVRDV and spearheads special projects and contributes to publications and exhibitions like “MVRDV Buildings.” Her involvement extends to exhibitions such as “The Living Archive of a Studio” at HNI and “MVRDV Haus” at Architekturgalerie Berlin.


Ossip van Duivenbode

is an architectural photographer who has studied architectural history. This background enables him in capturing the essence and beauty of the built environment.

Daria Scagliola

is a Rotterdam based photographer and lecturer at the Photography-Film department of St. Joost School of Art & Design. Educated at the Willem de Kooning Academy, she has been actively contributing to the field since 2000, specializing in documentary photography and graphic design.

Xia Zhi

is a photographer and videographer who strives to capture the visual significance and the texture and mood of architecture.

Graphic designers

Lisa Brustolin

is a designer in Rotterdam, working on a variety of two and three-dimensional projects: from logos to books and furniture.


Grafiche Veneziane

is a printing house located in the city centre of Venice. Working both in Italy and abroad (Europe and US) for more than 50 years, they combine the newest printing technologies with a distinctly artisan-like attention to details.


Cooperativa Lavoratori Zanardi

is a historic bookbinding company, specialized in producing high-quality hardcover books. Their focus on challenging projects drives the development of innovative strategies and technologies, preserving the art of bookbinding.

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